Company profile

HortiMaX and You

Commercial growers of today are both highly-skilled specialists and managers, who together with their teams aim to optimize every aspect of their business processes.  This objective calls for co-operation with reliable partners, who are firmly grounded and understand the industry. HortiMaX is such a partner.

More than fifity years of experience enable us to control virtually any physical process in a greenhouse environment. For this purpose, we devise advanced and highly innovative solutions that provide you with greater convenience, improved efficiency and higher yields.

A company with a mission

We strive to maximize our customers' yields and profits by providing intelligent, innovative and user-friendly all-in-one solutions for commercial horticulture. We do this throughout the world with a team of dedicated and expert staff.

Who are our customers?

HortiMaX provides both hi-tech and basic solutions to horticultural operations of all sizes. Our wide range of products enables us to offer a suitable solution for virtually any application.    

What do we exceed at?

We are able to constantly update our products by exchanging knowledge and working together with customers, research institutes and our parent company Ridder Drive Systems. It is our aim to inspire our customers to enhance their growing methods and save costs by supplying the latest technologies and sensor equipment. Our systems are designed to be logical and easy to operate and offer you maximum flexibility.

Customer satisfaction

As a company committed to customer satisfaction, we pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with our customers. That is why we offer extensive Customer Support, so you will get the most out of your HortiMaX product.

HortiMaX: 50 years of experience in commercial horticulture

HortiMaX was formed through the merger of a number of companies, the oldest of which successfully developed its first automatic irrigation unit back in 1959. We have now grown into an international company and are among the top 3 process automation suppliers in the horticultural industry. HortiMaX has offices throughout the world.

HortiMaX is part of Ridder Drive Systems

Ridder Drive Systems develops, manufactures and markets a complete range of electro-mechanical drive systems for the movement of air vents, screens, valves, heating and nutrient lines throughout the world, primarily in the agricultural sector. Ridder Drive Systems is a leading supplier in the global market and distinguishes itself by its product innovation, reliability and level of service.